Featured Members: Featured Members are top-level SBN members who are deeply invested in a building a just, green, and thriving, local economy.

Locally-Owned: Privately-held businesses headquartered in the Greater Philadelphia Area (a requirement for SBN membership)

B Corp: Certified B Corporations are businesses voluntarily meeting higher standards of transparency, accountability, and performance, while offering a positive vision of a better way to do business. Learn more.

The Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Partners is a priority initiative of SBN working to advance the local GSI industry and innovation. Learn more.

Fifteen years ago, I founded SBN because I wanted to belong to a community of entrepreneurs with a shared vision – a vision for a just and sustainable local economy that we can build together. Over these past years, our economy has grown and citizens take pride in our many locally owned businesses – breweries, bakeries, ice cream and cheese makers, family farms, clothing designers, soap makers, solar installers, retail shops and farm-to-table restaurants - which give our city unique character and identity.

The next fifteen years are urgent times. Entrepreneurs will play a crucial role in determining whether we will meet the historic challenge of climate change or leave an inhospitable planet as our legacy. Not only must we lead the way in lowering our carbon emissions and transitioning to renewable energy, but we must use our entrepreneurial energy to increase local production of our basic needs. 

By replacing imports with sustainable local production, entrepreneurs, along with investors and consumers, can build regional self-reliance in food, energy, clothing and other necessities.  This creates local jobs and moves economic power and wealth from distant corporations to our own community, while also preparing our region for the inevitable consequences of climate disruption. While eliminating the carbon of long distant shipping, local production would also end our reliance on these long supply chains that can be broken by extreme weather, social instability, rising fuel costs, and fluctuating prices in the global marketplace.

Cooperation is key.  By buying from each other to build local supply chains, investing locally, sharing information and resources, even with our competitors, so that we can go further faster, SBN companies can revitalize our communities and eco-system, while building an economy that works for all. And to top it off, we can experience the collective joy of working together to build a world we can be proud to leave for the generations to come.